It is important to understand that reservations are based on a request and acceptance bases, spaces are limited to about 3 reserved slots per day, they go fast, and require a deposit. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND securing your slot AT LEAST 2-4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, the earlier the better chance of availability. Deposits are non- refundable before I accept and confirm the request. You will have an opportunity to speak with me if you wish too, I will at this time give the details of location and any further details needed before confirm and securing reservation. I cannot stress enough the importance of being on time, I will not be able to see you pass 15 minutes late and you will lose your deposit. It will not be used for a future reservation. All deposits are $25 or $50 to hold and secure a reservation. Keep in mind that these are private reserved slots PLEASE NO CHILDREN. If you bring them there is a possibility that you may not be seen, deposit will not be refunded. All time slots are approximately 3 hours long for installments this is more than enough time. All necessary consultations regarding style, hair or anything else regarding your service must be done before the scheduled appointment as the time allotted will not change if you have not decided on what you want to have done, this allows me to stick to my schedule.

For 3 hours you will receive my undivided attention in a very relaxed atmosphere with 5-star service and focus on giving you the best weave or hair replacement service I can give. I absolutely stand by my work. This means any complaints or installment issues I will gladly make any adjustments within 72 hours free of charge. I am a hair extension specialist and a trusted resource for hair however, I cannot refund or replace any hair purchased once installed.

While tips are greatly appreciated, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TIP ME! However, my prices are not negotiable and are non-refundable.

IF YOU STILL WOULD LIKE TO PROCEED WITH THIS RESERVATION fill out the request form and I will respond within 24-48 hours of request. Thank you so kindly hope to see you soon!