Lisa Robinson’s Curated Courses Equip You With Expert Knowledge, Tricks, And Techniques

 Are you an aspiring hairstylist who wants to learn it all? Do you want to perfect your skills and increase your clientele? Lisa Robinson of Hair Weaves and Extensions MD is a certified hair extensions specialist in Catonsville, Maryland, who provides hair weaving classes for all.

She has over 25 years of experience in the world of hairstyling, weaving, and extensions, making her the ideal teacher to walk you through the various techniques. By taking our hair weaving courses, you’ll learn every tip and trick to install flat, seamless weaves for a variety of clients’ hair and textures.

From traditional braid and sew weaves to micro links and lace closures, Lisa has garnered a reputation for her customized work. Each client’s needs are different and she teaches you how to tailor your services to their desired look.

These hands-on training courses will not only answer all your queries, but you’ll also be walked through every step of the craft to help you reach a greater level of expertise. Lisa Robinson’s personalized training will provide all the information you need from her varied experiences, with demonstrations and recommended tools to use.

Some of the in-depth courses you can sign up for are:

We’re committed to imparting education through our hair weaving courses. Learn Lisa Robinson’s expert tips on how to make weaves and extensions long-lasting, comfortable, and seamlessly beautiful!

Register for our experiential knowledge-intensive training courses and get specialized today!